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Monday, July 13th, 2020

Subversion (SVN) through proxy

Thursday November 10, 2005 23:18

Making SVN work through the Squid proxy server needs special settings in the configuration file.

People that use the Squid proxy server on their networks run into a little snag when trying to access an SVN database through it. SVN over http requires more than the usual GET and POST. Squid by default isn't configured to allow the extra http commands that SVN uses. But you can easily make a change to Squid's configuration file to fix it.

/etc/subversion/servers, or a file called .subversion or something in the home directory:


In my case I'm running squid on the default port 3128.
Squid had to be convinced it was ok to accept a few extra http commands:

ps: my website is getting a lot of hits from people searching for svn proxy problems. I'm honored to be helpful.
I've used various different version control systems. I think people should look at decentralized systems. Mercurial's HG is pretty good, but GIT is even better.
Check out this website about GIT.
People that know a lot about version control systems, think that both CVS and SVN sucks, and if you look closer, you'll understand why. I was surprised to see how easy and fast GIT works, and I'm joining the club of advocates that claim it really is the best version control system.

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